The grapes look very interesting and delicious. And how about to put them in their new bracelet?

Bracelet — a bunch of grapes

Bracelet it is simple. Only a couple of hours – and you are the owner of a new interesting decorations. And materials will need very little – beads grape color the same beads, flexible wire, two rings, and clasp.

Fixed the cut wire on the circle, so to get two completely equal in length. Do not expect that a short enough wire to weave shall without interruption, and the nodules are then completely useless. After all, if you join the segments, then it will be visible on the main canvas.

Tighten the wire gradually turning away from the ring. Then, on one of the tails strung 3 beads and 3 beads, alternating between them. Form a circle and begin again to tighten the wire, moving from the grape bunches to the base. On the other hand do the same, as a result, we have formed two of the bunch.

So, step by step at equal intervals, forming such branches of the bunch. While our bracelet reaches the desired length.

Next fasten a ring, the same as in the beginning. In principle, almost everything. Now take the zipper, and fasten them on rings. As a result, you get a pretty flexible bracelet from wire and beads. By the way, if you have a special carbine for jewelry, it will be sufficient as a clasp. Attach it to one of the rings, and the second will be necessary to fasten an eyelet.

In the same style to make earrings, one bunch for each earrings. Attach the bunch to swanse, and you will have a great kit that you can wear on the occasion or under any color outfit. The important thing is not to doubt their abilities and to achieve new heights of beading.

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