Soutache is a wonderful technique that involves the use of special cords. They, coiling around beads to create incredible woven patterns that can be used in all types of jewelry. But today we are going to study a master class in how to make a bracelet in the technique of soutache.


For work, we need the cord to soutache, multi colors, small beads 5-6 mm long and 3-4 mm thread to match the cord, clamp for braid , a piece of leather and clasp.

It all starts with the fact that we make the Central part of the product. To do this, take a large bead and secure it between two lengths of cord.

We continue to cover a bead with soutache, first the second layer cord of a different color, then a third. And ensure that the soutache was adjacent to the bead tight enough. Although it is possible that the bead can rotate in this "nest" around its axis.

Begin to gradually add other beads. Take those that are larger, and sew them as shown in the figure. Moreover, the ends of soutache then need to look on the wrong side.

Four sides do exactly the same. In the result we get here is a billet. Its edges were neat, the processed ends of the soutache glue, and the glue must be at the cut lines of the soutache. That is, the trim will glue to the ends not showered and did not lochmelis. After the glue is dry, trim.

Now take a bead of 6 mm, and sew it as shown in the figure. And following the semicircle formed of beads of smaller diameter.

In the same way formed the second semicircle, at the ends of the soutache should be harvesting that we did in the beginning. At the end of this action firmly connect the ends of the soutache.

Hide the ends of the soutache under the product, pre-sheathing one busine for each of the ends of the cord. If you do not understand, pay attention to the picture:

In the same way, draw the second side of the workpiece.

Left to make the side. To do this, take two layers of soutache, not three, and fold in half. Between them, at equal intervals of inserted beads. Their number, as well as the length of the sides depend on the width of your wrist.

Add another 2 layers of soutache wrap obtained the billet, and insert beads between the beads of the previous row.

Now were neatly trim all the excess tails, and secure it all with a special clamp to braid.

In the same way, making the second side of the part, sew the Central part, and cover with the reverse side a piece of skin, which is cut out in accordance with the size of the center of the workpiece. Carefully sew and fasten the clasp.

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