Interesting and very simple version of pendants, created from faceted bicone and beads.

Pendant in the shape of a cross

A cross from beads and bicone

You will need standard bicone (of any color) and beads and fishing line, or monofilament or wire. The time to produce this original pendant will not go a lot. In fact, only a couple of hours and you are the owner of a new decoration. The principle of netting and step by step instructions you'll find below.

Start with the fact that strung on wire 3 bicones, and crossed tails of wire or fishing line in the next 4 round. Further, on each tail, string one bicone and again crossed strands next.


Only it turns out that such rows we should have two. Now go to the side. To do this, we are on the right tail strung 4 bicones, and then send the line back to the first strung bicone, bypassing the next three. Tighten. We get one side of the cross.

Pendant in the shape of a cross

On the other hand all do exactly the same to get a symmetric side part.

Next two ponytail mix strung the next round. Now it is necessary to form only the upper part. Here we are at each of the tails strung on round, and crossed them in another.

Pendant in the shape of a cross

And now the fun begins. We introduce to beading to add to our product volume.

How to do it, well illustrated step-by-step instructions, watch and repeat.

Pendant in the shape of a cross

Pendant in the shape of a cross

Fill thus the whole cross to get the desired result.

At the end, please remember to secure the yarn, or wire. Ponytails can be easily hidden in the product, no matter what material you use for weaving.

As you can see, the cross is quite simple in execution. You can wear it on your favorite chain, leather cord, and worn around the neck. Also a cross can be a perfect keychain for the keys, so they are not lost in a bag in the midst of all this chaos.

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