Continue to make original and beautiful jewelry from beads. Remember not so long ago we introduced you to the relative novelty in the world of Japanese beads – beads tila. These beads have a square shape, and, what is most interesting in them two holes, making them indispensable for the manufacture of very delicate and unusual jewelry. And today we are going to do with them using a bracelet.

Delicate bracelet


The product comes out tender, delicate and graceful. By the way, a very good option for wedding decorations. So, for him, we need:

  • Tila beads in the same tone, in this case, they mother of pearl or just white;
  • 4 mm transparent faceted beads. By the way, you can also take the mother-of-pearl or plated;
  • The beads in the tone of 11 and 15;
  • And quite a neat little motifs in the form of flowers to 6 mm;

It all starts with the fact that we are preparing our chain of large beads and tila beads. Once recruited, the chain reaches the desired length (to get this just to try on billet on your wrist) start to drag in the second row of large beads.

By the way, for a bracelet, we need only two such low. Once they are ready, begin to weave together with large beads.

And now the blank bracelet is fully ready. Basically, if you're a fan of simplicity and minimalism, then you can leave the bracelet in this condition. But no wonder we were preparing the beads, motifs and smaller beads. So we start to weave in the middle of our products.

And now, our bracelet is ready. It remains only to add the clasp, it is desirable that their width corresponds to the width of the bracelet.

Delicate bracelet

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