The basis of this decoration is the same as the initial chain braiding square rhinestone (scheme 1). Of course, that for him the most suitable was this pattern of weaving. The whole scheme of decoration consists of two rectangular area of the grid connected to the Central element, which is the square rhinestone bead twining. The connection runs in a separate thread those beads that form the basis and the entanglement (scheme 1).





Scheme 1

As crystals, we have chosen fairly large, we have seemed expedient for braiding to get small mother of pearl beads in white. Those beads are given a grid with perfectly regular and distinct pattern. Strands of beads, but also bristle at the edges of the braiding of crystals, composed of transparent faceted beads bring an ease and lightness in the composition of jewelry. After all, we needed to slightly soften excessive straightforwardness parcel basis. It is carried out completely analogously as described above in the section of jewelry on the net basis. Here in the case of using the square rhinestone is not even necessary to perform angular closing sections. The main difficulty may consist in calculating the size of the parcel framework. After all, it is necessary to observe the balance and harmony between all the components of this bracelet. What you need to consider to make a beaded bracelet?

From the decorations that you need to get a result, first subtract the size of the clasp and retaining beads. Then the width of the braiding is made of rhinestone with consideration of the width of the bristles from the beads. Now you need to leave space for the connecting threads of this size to fit in 6-7 beads and have enough space for the bristles of transparent beads around the rhinestone. After connecting jumper should look like a full item, but the rhinestone — like hanging in the air. In this case we can achieve what decoration would not be heavy and flat. Now divide the remaining distance in half and get the length of each section of the framework. The width of the Foundation should be equal to the size of rhinestone braiding.

Of course, we suggested, which is dictated by the available material — rhinestone and beads. You will start from, what exactly did you manage to acquire.

To make a beaded bracelet, we recommend the following sequence. First, of course, rhinestone twining along with the bristle. Its dimensions define the size of all other plots. Then the calculation and execution of both sections of the fundamentals which suggest to weave in the thread. As the availability of rectangles the bases, are attached to the parts of the clasp. In conclusion, the Assembly of the whole structure is carried out by execution of jumpers from strands of single beads. They need to weave in a new thread segments symmetrically on the left and right sides. First, the thread is fixed to the corner cell. Needle goes in a circle, and the string associated to two knots. The short end, as always, subject to final fixation, and the long end of the step-by connecting threads. The movement of the needle from the base to the crystals and back that you just completed, the bridge will be reciprocating to harden the connection. The number of jumpers, as you can see in the diagram, it is better to make at least four. Although this number will depend on the width of the sections of the base and size of the beads. The main criterion, as always, should be here beauty and harmony. After completion of the jumpers need to transfer the thread to a short end, remaining in the beginning to tie 3-4 knots, to fill in 2-3 cm and cut. Similarly, connection is made with the other hand, after fixing the threads on the other hand can be considered as working on the decoration completed. Can add here that the same scheme may be performed and a more long jewelry, for example necklace in the form of barocci. The easiest way to solve this problem is to lengthen the sections of mesh framework so that the result is that when you add get a neck circumference. A more complex option involves the addition of two more toppers, except the Central. They should be smaller and placed above the collarbone, almost to his shoulders. It will require more calculations, material and work. But the result can be simply gorgeous. Think about this idea and try to implement it!

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