Children's hooded jacket knitting

 Children's hooded jacket knitting fairly simple in execution. It will warm your baby in any weather. Size: 74 — 80 cm Materials: thread, Atelier Zitron, Nordkap 300 g ( composition: 55% wool, 25% polyacrylic, 20% polyamide; 100 gr — 200 m); spokes number 4,5; 5 buttons. Gum: 2 facial, 2 purl, alternately. Pearl binding: 1 facial, 1 purl, alternately, purl row loop knit in pattern. In the next front row of the loop to shift. Fantasy pattern: knit according to the schemes below are shown only the front rows, purl rows loop knit in pattern. The pattern on the strap: rubber band with the removed loops, the width of 7 loops: 1st row: * 1 facial, 1 purl* , repeat from * to * 2 times, 1 facial; 2-nd row: * 1 drops to remove, the yarn before knitting, 1 facial*, repeat from * to * 2 times, 1 loop to remove the yarn before knitting. Repeat 1st and 2nd rows. Density knitting pearl knit: 16 stitches on 24 rows = 10 cm x 10 cm Knitting is one of the top recruited 72 loops and are finished with an elastic 1.5 cm to Continue knitting between the edge loops of figure 1 between the pointers A and b to the right half of the back. Left half knit backless mirror. On visage 31.5 cm from the hinge set to close in the middle of the 14 loops of the neckline. Both parties to dobesilate scattered. To round knitting, from the inner edge to close in the 2nd row 7 loops 1 times. Through 33 cm from the hinge set to close at 21 the loop on each shoulder. Left shelf: 42, dial loops and knit between the edge as follows: 33 loop of rubber and 7 loops for pattern strap, 1.5 cm on the first 33 knit pattern of scheme 2 between the pointers A and C. after 28 cm from the hinge set left side to close the loop for the neck in this order: 1×9 loops, 1×2 stitches and 1×1 loop. At a height of 33 cm unabara loops to close the remaining loop shoulder ( 21 loop). Right shelf: knit the left mirror, but with 5 slots for the buttons. For the holes needed in the front row to close the secondary loop planochki, and in the next row again to dial it. The 1st and 5th slot raspolojil 1.5 cm above or below the edge, and the rest at equal distance from each other between the 1st and 5th. Crochet sleeveless: 34, dial loops and knit 1.5 cm elastic. Continue to knit according to scheme 2 gradually adding loops on both sides for bevels sleeves in each 6-m row on 1st loop 8 times, new loops included in the pattern. At the height of 25 cm from the set of loops close all the loops directly. Hood: 72, dial loops and knit 1.5 cm elastic. Continue to knit between the edge as follows: 30 pearl pattern loops, 10 loops pattern according to scheme 2 between the pointers A and b, 30 loops and pearl pattern. Using 17.5 cm from the hinge set to close on both sides for the bevel in every 2nd row 2 times 3 hinges and 2 × 2 loops. Linking 21 cm from the set of all loops the loop close. On the back of the hood to run the seam. Assembly of parts: to join shoulder seams, sew in the neck of the hood, then sleeves vacate and connect the seams of the sleeves and side, you can now sew on buttons.

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