For cooler days, suitable warm and cozy socks soft wool. How to knit baby socks knitting, but also beautify the work of a mischievous baby rabbits, read on. Knit garter: facial and purl rows — facial hinge only; in circular knitting, alternating 1 row of facial loops and 1 row of purl loops.
The front surface of: facial series - facial loops, purl rows - purl loop; circular knitting the front loop only.
  • 50 g white color, and 30 g of grey yarn "Svetlana" (50% six, 50% acrylic, 250 m / 100 g)
  • the remains of black color
  • the remnants of Astrakhan yarn (12% mohair, 82% wool, 6% nylon, 150 m / 100 g) blue
  • : spokes №4 and №3
On the spokes of No. 4 blue thread type 40 loops, distribute loop on 4 needles. Round knit 4 rows of garter viscous. Then change the thread to white and knit stitch facial. After 13 rows, begin to knit the heel. To do this, loop the second and third spokes to remove the extra needle and then just knit loops of the first and fourth spokes (=20 loops) the forward and reverse rows front stitch, promazyvaya least 3 hinges on both sides garter viscous. 18 series start выполнbть of subtraction as follows: divide all the loops into 3 parts (6-8-6 loops). Provarite 6 front loops of the first part, then 7 front loops of the second part, 8th provarite loop together with the next front loop. Turn work, purl 7 provarite loops 8 provarite loop together with the next front loop. Rotate job. Perform the following subtraction in each row until the spoke will remain only average 8 loops, split loops on these 2 needles and 4 loop. Then provarite 4 loops on the left side, left heel enter 9 loops, loop provarite the second and third spokes of the front, right edge, heel type 9 loops and provarite 4 front loops of the heel. On the first and fourth spokes turned by the hinge 13, and the second and third spokes - 10 loops. Next round knit the front stitch, vymazyvaja wedge instep. To this end, the first end of the spokes and in the beginning of the fourth spokes take 1 loop in every second row 3 times = 40 loops. Next, knit 5 cm straight, after that begin to knit the toe in the following way: in every second row at the end of the first and third spokes and the beginning of the second and fourth spokes promazyvaya 2 loops along the front. When each spoke will be 2 loops, cut the thread, pull the remaining loop end of the thread and fasten. Tie the second sock the same way. Bunnies Torso (2 pieces) - grey thread on the spokes number 3 type 20 loops, you knit the front stitch 26 rows. Close the loop. Ears (4 parts) - dial 6 loop, knit the front stitch 18 rows. Close the loop. Paws (8 items) - enter 5 loops, you knit the front stitch 8 rows. Hinges close. Assembly All the details of the bunnies on the edges slightly pull the thread. Sew the body to the toes, bending the corners to form an oval. Sew ears and legs, as shown in the photo. Embroider face with black thread.
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