Shoes and booties for your Princess
To pick up baby shoes and booties – difficult, but doable. And if you choose correctly, she will avoid the serious diseases of the legs. The worst and most common is flat feet. If your little Princess 10 months, the mother can tie her shoes herself beautifully, with love and nothing at all!


The progress of the work. Recruited through a circle of the foot of the baby on the line - 18 loops. With two lateral sides 21 of the loop. And a total of 60 loops.

The first row, for example, pink yarn – all loops should be the front.

Shoes and booties for your Princess
The second row, for example, yarn, white color, 1 back loop, 1 loop with nakida, then knit and also have a circle..

Third row, again, is a colored thread, we have chosen to knit on the pink yarn: 1 inside loop, 1 front loop with nakida, repeat the same circle.

These three row repeat six times.

16 row white knit yarn: 15 facial loops, two loops, knit together with parecido. Repeat 15 times, 15 facial loops.

Total we must have 45 loops.

Row 17: white yarn, it will vivagel 45 purl loops.

18 row: we are finished with pink yarn, purl 45 stitches.

19th row: with white yarn and 45 front.

20 row: white thread and just 45 facial.

21 row: again, a white thread, but 45 purl stitches.

All the loops are closed with white yarn and a sock knit tight shoes.

Strap for shoes.

We knit in the following way. One needle, dial 20 loops, to 10 loops on each side of the side seam.

First row: 20 loops facial.

Second row: again the 20 loops the front and again.

And the third row 20 front + 20 loops dialed in addition.

Then knit garter knitting, do not forget to make a hole for sewing buttons. The second strap to the second knit shoes the same way, only mirrored.

Decorate the shoes as you like, as the imagination will prompt. Select the color of the yarn in its sole discretion.

So, tell how to knit the little booties for my daughter.

Comfortable booties.

The progress of the work.

Sole: knit garter type. All the rows should be the front. 13 loops.

When you knit the third row, it will be necessary to add 2 loops.

And in 49 ryadochek diminish, on the contrary, 2 loops. .

Knit two more rows.

On the sides of the dialing loop. Total, you should have exactly 80 loops.

Then knit in a circle, like an ordinary sock, 12 ranks in a row, but only the waffle pattern.

To toe leave 11 loops. Then we knit and in forward and reverse direction at the beginning and at the end of knit two areas together.

Next loop start to decrease until, until exactly 40. And then knit with 4 needles, in pattern.

In a nutshell, the waffle pattern fit:

1. 4 front loops, one removable

2. All loops facial

3. 5th series fit as well as the first.

4. This range fit the same as the second

5. 4 reverse loop, 1 front loop.

Booties for babies.

You will need yarn proposita. The color can be pink if it's a girl.

The hook No. 3.

Typed exactly 40 loops. The first loop we will have the edge.

First row: all the loops must be wrong.

Second row: the first one with stitches, knit two loops together, and so on.

Third row: all loops are wrong.

Fourth row: then all the loops should be the front.

Starting from the third row, knit to the height of 5 cm Then divide the canvas into three spokes, with two spokes side should be 15 loops, and the third – 10. Of the 10 loops knit pull-tab at 5 cm, then loops left on the needle. With each edge of the resulting tongue should gain another 10 stitches and knit into the remaining loops 3 see more

The resulting fabric again divide on three needles:

- for the first 25 loops

- second – 10

- and the third – 25.

Knit 25 of the hinge side part and booties 9 loops on the Central part. A 10 second loop are finished with the first loop already the other side of the front loop at the bottom. Turn binding.

9 front hinge, 10-th and 1-th loop of the side part of the contact along the reverse loop. Turn binding.

Now take the Central part and each time I knit at the end of row 2 stitches together – 1 loop from the Central part and 1 of the side part. And that's when it will remain at 1 pin 3 loops and 3 on the needle three loops, it is necessary to collect all the loops on a knitting needle – all closed.

Bends the top a few rows and sew. The back of the stitch booties.

Using the hook loops without nakida booties banded. Decorate with beads.

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