Pullover with jacquard insert.

Knitting is a unique method to always be fashionable and beautifully dressed. The opportunity to show imagination and ingenuity. Using knitting to Express their uniqueness and originality. In short, knitwear is in fashion was, and always will be!

But today, we knit things for the little fashionistas. Size pullover: 98-104.

The growth of the boy-93-104cm.

Girth of chest-54-57cm.

Girth to waist 50-53cm.

All you'll need.

- yarn cotton, composition:

Cotton 55% acrylic and 45%. 160m 50g.

- color yarn:50gr. yellow yarn.100gr. orange. 50gr. light green and black yarn 30 grams.

-knitting needles knitting room-3.5

- a couple of pieces of buttons in black.

- a crochet hook of the second number.

The main patterns pullover.

- pattern jacquard on the scheme rapport;

- facial surface consisting of the front row.

- facial loops, and purl row, i.e., the reverse loops.

- gum 1*1, that is, fit she alternately one front * one inside out.

The density of the knit.

Loops – 20 of 25 rows should be equal to

Size -10*10cm.

Step-by-step progress.

Begin knitting with main yarn color, single thread.

- The back.

Recruited 68 loops of orange yarn. Knit 8 rows. Gum 1*1. Then there is the front surface and the alternating color of yarn. Alternate way: and some yarn light green, and some yellow yarn, 2 rows yarn is black. Then again, there is a orange front surface.

When it will be. 30. 5cm, it is necessary from the region where the gain of the loop to close on both sides of the three loops, this is for the armhole. Then, in every second row to remove once the two loops and then one loop. In the end, you should be able – 51 loop. When the height reaches 12cm, from the beginning of armhole, it is necessary to close the loop.

- The shelf.

It fit the same as the back. Only added to the neckline and any, to your taste, jacquard pattern. Provatas 2.5 cm from the edge of the hinge set, it should knit some more and some light green yarn, two rows of black yarn. Then are finished with two rows of yellow yarn. Knit a fair Isle pattern – any. Then knit in yellow, two rows, two rows of black color and four rows of yellow yarn. Go to light green yarn, knit four rows. Next comes the base color, in this case. We have taken the orange color.

From the beginning of the armholes (the height is 9 cm) to make neck, it is necessary to close the Central five stitches.

And both sides finish separately rows. To get the curve of the armhole, it is necessary to close from the inner edge every second row three times, at three loops.

Later 12cm from the beginning armholes close the remaining 14 loops to get shoulder bevel.

- Left sleeve.

Recruited 35 loops of orange yarn. Knit 8 rows with elastic 1*1. Next knit stitch facial continues.

Alternate yarn: light green yarn and row, yellow 4 rows. And black yarn – 2 ryadochek.

To make a bevel sleeves in a pullover, it is necessary to add both sides in every 10 (!!!) the ryadochek 6 times in the loop. In the end, you should have 47 loops.

When you are in a binding reaches a height of 28.5 cm from the edge of the hinge set. Then for the top part of the sleeve do so: on either side is closed by three loops. And in every second row, once two twice in the loop. Then every fourth row three times close one loop. And start over again, every second ryadochek, three times, close the loop. Twice on the two loops. Once in the loop. As a result, 11петель.

Linking 12cm, starting from the crown, knit shoulder details direct canvas with a height of 6cm on the left side close 6 eyelets and every second ryadochek, once, three loops, then two loops.

- The right sleeve.

We knit the same pattern, and that left the only difference is that fit the cuffs on the principle of mirror reflection.

- Assembly.

Performed side shevchiki. Sleeve vacuem, do the seams of both sleeves. To make the clasp on the left shoulder of the sweater, should be about a few inches along the seam to sew. That is, where the closer to the shelf. Recruited 78 loops of orange yarn and the neck are finished 8 rows of elastic 1*1. Loop closing.

- Epaulettes sleeveless.

On the shoulder straps sleeves running two loops for the buttons. Do the arch, consisting of three loops. From the shelves sew two buttons.

All pullover for little boys ready. Young can mod them to please.

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