This technique allows rapid production of leaves and petals for the large flowers:

The technique of threading arcs

The technique of the parts is as follows: pre-string beads on wire (the more the better) without cutting off the wire from the coil. Wrap the bead with the bead back on the spool so it does not interfere in the process, leaving the bare end of the wire length 15 cm, Then you can go several ways.

Method the first.
1. Make at the end of the wire bead simple "needle" is equal to the length of the future of the leaf (petal). this is the basis of our details
2. Wrap around the base of the bead, forming an arc.
3. repeat with the other side.
4. Continue to do the arc bead around the base until you reach the end. After completing the required number of arcs, cut the working end of the wire from the coil and twist at the base of both ends. Spread the petal, giving it the necessary form.

The technique of threading arcs

The second way.
The principle is the same, except for one detail. Take the wire for the base a little thicker than the one on which the strung beads. Cut a piece with a length of 15-20 centimeters. String a few beads for the base. Attach working wire (the one with the beads on the coil) two revolutions around the base. Draw the arc around the bases is exactly the same as described in the first method. Nisana when you are finished, fasten the end of the working wire a few turns around the warp wires at the bottom edge of the leaf. The upper end of the base, fill into the side arc (figure 5):

The technique of threading arcs
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