The spring. Beading eggs Easter eggs bead (schemas) was described in other articles on this website. Here we want to introduce you to a relatively simple method of braiding such testicles you can do with your children.
  • wood harvesting of eggs;
  • the round beads are cream, two shades of blue, yellow or gold and green flowers of medium size;
  • beads and bugles chopped green;
  • line No. 25 and thread for beading;
  • needle bead
Beading eggs "Spring" runs direct mesh "rings." The principle of work is: the weaving of the main belt, its connection to the workpiece, and then the twining tops. Entanglement start with the Central part. The width of the fabric equal to the height of the Central part of the egg length — the circumference of the egg. Braid mesh single thread "rings" in Fig. 1 a, b, "lock" the canvas next to the connective (Fig. 2). Then appetite the top and bottom of the egg directly on the workpiece according to Fig. 3. Such Easter eggs can, for example, to decorate three flowers. Each flower has 5 petals (nigite according to the scheme in Fig. 4 a, b). To the lower bead of the middle of each flower, attach three pendants in Fig. 5. Then sew the flowers to the mesh evenly across the belt. Between them, attach the ruffles the leaves is made separately in Fig. 6 and randomly embroider mesh stalks chopped and round beads with similar colored photos. The spring. Beading eggsThe secrets of
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