You will need:
  • beads: white, pale blue, light blue, dark blue, dark blue, medium blue, dark blue
  • piece of wood
This gift egg transfers its pattern the classic cobalt underglaze painting Gzhel. The weaving is done by reception of Hand weaving. The scheme is braiding eggs is presented in figure 1. First vyputatsya belt for the middle part of the egg, which consists of 24 beads tall, and then top with a gradual decrease in beads per row. Is used Czech seed beads No. 11 opaque, pure colors with no pearl coating. Because the picture consists of small details, then usually the transition from one halftone to another should be sharp, otherwise visually drawing will merge. But in our case, the egg Gzhel, where six shades of blue, allowed a smooth transition from pale blue to dark blue beads. Wonderful moments
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