Gift egg "Stargazer"

Gift egg Stargazer

The workpiece in the form of balls with a diameter of 5.3 cm, seed beads, off white — 4 oz., beads corporal "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col 1020 - 2 oz., beads black "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col 1000 - 6 PCs., beads of lemon "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col 1480-2 gr. beading lilac "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 5845 col - 4 oz., beads blue light "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col 6655 — 5 oz., seed beads, transparent brown "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col 2060 - 14 PC beading pink "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col 4965 - 4 PCs, glass beads dark red "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 4565 col — 3 pieces, beads for the bottom of the black "Guetermann glass pearl" art. 773883 col 1000.

Weave the belt according to the diagram in figure 19, displaying the diagram is symmetrical. In this case, the belt consists of 32 rows. Put it on the billet.

Gift egg Stargazer

Cap braid astrologer in this order: 7 series — lemon beads, then blue light, including the netting of lemon beads. On the hood of asterisk should be placed about the same as on the coat. The lower part doplatit purple beads and on the bottom tab black beads for stability. Panel second layer of hands, hair and beard astrologer, picking up 3 beads of the color that corresponds to the sheathed part.

Use only those beads that are circled in the diagram of a double belt loop. Doplatit the end of the beard according to the scheme in figure 20 and panel.

Gift egg Stargazer

Sew two black beads for eyes and pink — in place of the nose.

Panel the second layer eyebrow, picking up one bead. Connect them together by threading fishing line.

The collar of his cloak whipping in the diagram in figure 21, attaching the first row to the citric the beads is marked with a cross on the diagram of the belt.

Gift egg Stargazer

The hem of his cloak whipping as well as the collar. Sew the first row to the bottom beads of the belt, starting with lemon beads. The hem consists of 8 rows. The last 8th series run, gaining 4 of lemon beads. Vyplata hem, turn in some places five lemon beads to continue the star pattern of the coat.

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