The workpiece in the form of balls with a diameter of 4.3 cm, height 6 cm, beads white "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col. 1006 - 10 oz., beads light blue "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col 6575 - 10 grams seed beads dark green transparent "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col. 8067 - 10 oz., beads green light "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col 8290 - 5 oz., beading gold "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col. 1870 - 3 oz., large gold bead - 1 piece, small green beads 15 bright little beads in different colors - 20 pieces, beads for the bottom of the blue "Guetermann glass pearl" art. 773883 col 6010.

Weave the belt according to the diagram in figure 8. Put it on the billet. The upper part of the egg run blue and white beads, continuing the pattern of the belt, and decorate it with a gold bead. The lower part doplatit white beads on the bottom sew green beads.

Embroidered in a circle from the gold beads snowflake in the sun according to the technology described in figure 9. Four rows of embroidered white beads. Fifth row embroidered, alternating white and gold beads. Sixth row embroidered with white beads only where the previous row stitched white beads, thereby making the rays of a snowflake. Seventh row - just as only the sixth gold beads.

Further, in the same way as a snowflake, embroidered garland, alternating white and gold beads. Place the garland shown in the diagram to the belt. The lower parts of decorate with colored bead.

The Christmas tree embroidered on the figure 9. Rashevite all green beads, except for two at each branch. Alternate green and lime green color. In several places tab colored bead for the big Christmas tree and white bead - for the little.
Snow white beaded embroidered as well as the beard of Santa Claus. The beads marked in the figure by a double contour, embroidered gold beads.

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