7 grams of red beads, a small piece of wood with a height of 4 cm and a diameter of 6 cm, a piece of gold wrapping foil size 4x7 cm

The piece of foil should not be less than the height of the eggs and 1 cm more diameter. This will allow you to cover the egg diameter with the smell.

Job description:
To little egg weave mesh "4x4" belt height 3 rhombus (figure 1) and sew the ends butt.

Starting to weave the belt, leave from the opposite side, weave the thread end in 30-40 cm you will need It when weaving the top.

The mesh is woven quite loosely. It should not be rigid and warped. But at the same time, the threads in the weave should not be visible.

If the thread is over, it's best not closing up the old, build a new thread and continue to weave.

The tails of the threads remaining in the result of addition, do not cut until the end of the work. It is easy to determine that in this place the beads densely filled thread, so, here it is not necessary to seal and strengthen other thread.

When the belt will fit with a strong tension, sew first and last rows (figure 1).

Egg Baby
Figure 1

A piece of foil cut each side about 1/e of its width (Fig, 2), and then wrap the foil egg, pull the top belt and doplatit head in a circle in the technique of "mosaic" with a gradual uniform decrease (figure 3). Please note that if you weave the tops from each series, made by mosaic, is the end and the beginning (Fig, 4). Don't lose these places during the weaving. Please note: the beads should not "run against" each other, then the top will get very smooth.

Egg Baby
Figure 2

Egg Baby
Figure 3

Egg Baby
Figure 4

Carefully seal the threads on weaving and trim the tails with scissors with sharp ends.

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