On the main Orthodox holiday - Easter, has long been accepted to exchange the painted eggs. Easter eggs bead can become more interesting and dear to the heart of an alternative to the usual krashenka and Easter eggs.
Easter egg beaded Raduga Materials for beaded eggs:
  • beads: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo and violet;
  • piece of wood 48 mm in diameter and 70 mm in height;
  • nylon yarn;
  • 2 needles No. 1.
Using two needles follow the openwork mesh "flashlight" of such length that when putting it on the egg it fits snugly and was a little tension. Put on woven belt to the wooden blank. According to the scheme of this belt rattling next series, which will reduce the width of the openwork mesh, at the same time will continue the desired pattern. The final stage of work consists of the braiding of the upper and lower tops of the eggs. Under the scheme the last row of the grid is formed from elongated loops, which are tied for the Central bead at the center top and bottom of the wooden piece. Material for stand:
  • yellow Tulip
  • beargrass
  • bark of red and yellow
  • wooden ladybug
  • wooden stand for eggs
  • beaded egg
The implementation of the stand:
On a wooden stand stick the petals of the tulips. Bottom of the stand glue born and birgersson, and secure with a stapler.
Put the egg on the stand, attach the ladybug.
Easter egg beaded "Blue cross" Materials:
  • beads: white, blue, blue and gold;
  • nylon yarn;
  • two needles No. 1;
  • piece of wood 45 mm in diameter and 70 mm height.
First weave beaded two large crosses using the technique of "cross". These large cross connect along the length of the part of the egg with small crosses (see the scheme 1). Thus it is necessary to ensure that small TIC coincided with the upper and lower parts of the wooden eggs. According to scheme 2 is initially horizontal bars connect the side parts of a large cross, and after of the side beams of the small top cross string long strip "in the cross", which will pass through the horizontal bars, drops and connects with the lower small cross to form a closed strip. Then from the horizontal columns of type 2 vertical column, fasten each in the center of the top and bottom crosses. Elena Artinskaya "Easter eggs" Easter eggs bead "rainbow" and "Blue cross" can become more interesting and treasured gift for the main Orthodox holiday instead of the usual Easter eggs and Easter eggs.
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