To add an image of romance and charm you will help original necklace. Especially if this pendant is made by hand. For example, these bead jewelry never goes out of style and will complement any evening outfit.


We'll need beads of different sizes, faceted beads 6 mm, big crystal. And all this we weave with fishing line or monofilament. These materials are dense enough for socks product has not crumbled.

Begin by taking a black bead and fasten it on the thread. It is enough to cross it both tail threads. She will be the first.

Now go into the small beads and the beads of droplets with two holes. String them, alternating between them. The number of selectable yourself, it depends on the size of your rhinestone. Formed from the low circle should be smaller in diameter.

Lock it all in a circle and put the needle in the second free hole of our charm beads.

Now take a pink bead, strung it, and sent a needle in the next bead with 2 holes. So perform a number. Alternating beads of different sizes will allow you to create a perfect circle without the addition of beads.

Then again, forming a circle of beads with 2 holes. The next row put the needle in a hole that is our charm beads and start working.

And take the small purple beads. Before you start to generate a number, put the rhinestone on the prepared bed. Beads of small size will allow you to sheathe rhinestones very simple.

Now put the needle in first hole our beads. And take the same beads and the smallest of the prepared beads.

Form such a number in a circle.

Now go into faceted beads.

And finally, take the large bead, we will ring suspension. It will just go or leather cord or delicate chain.

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