Bracelet Red on black

You will need: a long flat slightly curved black plastic plate with two transverse holes round wood beads red, black filament — gum, scissors.

1. Thread — elastic to be used folded in half for more strength.

2. Stringing the first row: one round bead, hole in the three long plates, round bead again and so on.

3. Then hold the thread along one of the long plates, threaded through the second hole and start doing the second row on a similar principle.

Bracelet Red on black

4. Going back to the beginning of the series, the ends of the yarn together in a knot, the excess ends cut.

Costume jewelry with wooden painted elements over time can lose its brightness. To restore the original look of these products, you can paint the beads with nail Polish the right color or transparent, after dismantling the decorations and carefully clearing the beads from the old paint. The plastic parts should just be washed in a solution of washing powder.

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