Grey hair clip with roses

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We offer to execute it in an understated pearl gray tones from the gray skin three shades. The thin and light skin will need for making the petals darker medium...

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In Japan there is the art of growing dwarf trees, different from the forest only by size. Naturally the admiration of such trees are common in people living in the...

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Barrette with red rose

Hits:780 Flowers, bonsai

For hair clips you will need the flap thin red leather (the same as for Macs), the black skin of medium thickness, basis for hair the machine.Cut-out red leather of...

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Rose small

Hits:997 Flowers, bonsai

This is a simple but versatile piece can serve as a brooch, pendant, keychain, purse, hat, bracelet, hairpin.We will need very small pieces of soft leather for flowers and leaves...

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Additions to the bouquet

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Flowers win against the greenery. Make a few blades of grass. To do this, a piece of leather or beige suede cut a strip 4 cm wide and 10-20-cm length...

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Hits:9265 Flowers, bonsai

You can use the Lily in a bouquet with other colors, and you can make a bouquet of the same lilies.Scan of a flower cut out of white or light...

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Aster and dandelion

Hits:1109 Flowers, bonsai

The petals of these flowers are the same, the only difference in the design of the outlet. Asters, use a strip of soft leather of any suitable color with the...

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Hits:969 Flowers, bonsai

Special brightness and originality of our flowers give the maquis. Use as their base of these stems with the heads not only as a brings them closer to the natural...

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Hits:813 Flowers, bonsai

This flower is composed of two parts - the more blue, and less blue (figure 76, a, b). Cutting out the parts, don't discard the small triangles obtained by shaping...

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There is probably no more beautiful creations of nature than the flowers. All of them, from the Queen of flowers rose flowers to the most humble of plants, amazingly beautiful...

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