Hops can not be called "flower" in the conventional sense of the word. Nonetheless carved leaves and unusual earrings of this plant looks so decorative that often are the source of inspiration for the masters of decorative art.
As additional materials for the panels will need a wooden frame size 8x12 cm on the inner edge and a light piece of veneer slightly larger. Veneer can be replaced with a piece of cardboard, covered with a harsh cloth or canvas. You can paste over the cardboard piece of the same Wallpaper that covered the wall. In the latter case, pick up a piece of Wallpaper so that the pattern coincided with the pattern of the Wallpaper in the place of the wall where to hang the panels. This design will create the illusion of an "empty" frame, now popular in Europe.
Put the frame on the veneer on the reverse side. Circle the inside of the frame. Add each side by 0.5 cm (usually from the back of the frame is the deepening of such width). Cut out the rectangle with a utility knife or scissors. Glue it to the frame right side out (using PVA glue).
 Hops (panel)
Now, prepare leather details. Leaves need skin of medium thickness gray and light gray colors, lace width of 2-3 mm and a length of 15 cm.
Cut a large sheet of gray skin and small - from the lighter. From the same light leather cut-30-35 parts "earrings" (figure 86).
On the leaves, penetrate the veins and treat them for a second or two pressed against the entire surface to the hot burner of the electric stove or the frying pan. Also treat the details of the earrings. As soon as the item will begin to bend, the end of the knife for a moment then press it inside to the heated surface and immediately remove. Pressing the center of the part, we are accelerating the process of bending, not allowing it to char on the edges.
Preparing the parts, start assembling products. First glue the small leaf, then a big (leaves place only for the Central part). In the upper left corner and attach the mustache. He twirled in a spiral, after a few times pass it through the flame of a candle.
Collect three earrings in different sizes - large, medium and small. Details of earrings pick up on a strong thread of gray. Once strung the last, the top, attach yarn in the following way. Thread a needle between the fibers of the thread in the place where it comes out of the middle of the upper part. In a loop again, pull the needle and tighten the thread. Trim it leaving the end a few centimeters. From the cord cut pieces of 4-5 cm long for the large earrings, 3 cm in the middle and 2 cm to small. Glue the left end of the thread each earring on the reverse side of the cord so that the cord rested in the middle of the top part of the earrings. Connected this end to the part. If necessary, touch up the thread in the color of the cord with a marker or watercolor. Glue the upper end of the cord each earring in its place by folding the edges of the leaves. Then Conn the leaves, leaving free only the tips.
Such panels can not only decorate your room but also be a wonderful gift.
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