Here are two examples design of a notebook (or diary), covered with skin.
Front side covers can be decorated any pattern -trees, flowers, urban landscape, just geometric patterns. If you choose, for example, trees on a windy day, then perform a pattern of brown and reddish skin three shades: light - sky, dark - earth, soft reddish - trees. The flaps shall be of such size to extend beyond the edge of the cover about 1.5 cm, close to the spine and a bit to go on the back side.
First, we select the leather pieces for the upper and lower skins; cut them to size (with allowances) and Scherbaum region. Glue in place, not bending allowances over the edges of the cover. The details have almost imperceptibly to connect on the spine. For this Scherbaum edge at the connection and carefully adjust to each other. If one of the pieces is large enough, then it will close not only his fragment design on the front side, but the spine and back cover. In this case, the second part of the front side needs to seamlessly connect with the first at the point of bending the cover along the spine.
Now prepare the scraps for the trees and slightly "shimurim" them, giving the folds about one direction. In this case the edge cover folds is not necessary. Prepared pieces cut to the desired size, scherpbier edges and glue in place so that they did not go to the spine of the book.
The back side can be smooth or with a pattern, which is a continuation of the front side.
Finished design, the edges of the margins near the spine, cut a little obliquely and Scherbaum. Allowances bends on the inner side of the cover and glued. When the diffraction angles of the skin sobivalt small folds. After the glue dries the excess thickness of the folds are cut.
From construction paper cut a rectangle equal to the reversal of book minus 0.5 cm on each side. They are glued inside back cover. The same process, and inside of the rear cover.
In the second method design pattern from the skin enclosed in a leather frame (figure 93). Make the cover can be in technology applications or "hide and seek". The only requirement is that the folds of "hide and seek" was not high and did not reach the edges of the rectangle. Used leather different textures, including pieces cut from old shoes - braided straps, with openwork slits. Good looking figure from a single piece of leather, slightly "cormorano" in the corner or in the lower part (as branch plants) and painted with spray dye.
A large piece of skin cut out a rectangle of equal area on both sides of the cover and spine, plus allowances. If such a large piece no separate paste over back cover, spine and then the front cover, made in the form of the frame. When the edges of all parts Scherbaum and connect may unobtrusively (figure 93, b).
To complete the frame for the front cover, on the skin, stepping back from the edge (no seam allowance) to the width of the frame, draw a rectangle. Inside this rectangle retreat one inch from each side and draw a smaller rectangle. Corners of a smaller rectangle is combined with the inside corners more. With a knife cut the skin within the boundaries of the smaller rectangle and cut lines connecting the corners. Edge surfovat. The resulting figure trapezoid bends on the wrong side, glued and prikolachivayte with a hammer. The finished frame is decorated pasted on the cover tightly. Then hang the cover as described in the previous embodiment.
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