We will need a flat electronic watch with a round dial, cardboard for the base and skin of average thickness of four or five colors, well combined with each other. The size of the product depends on the size of the face; enough to keep the proportion of the radius and the panels as 1:5.


Cardboard make a circle of the desired size in the centre cut a hole for hours. Watch must be in the hole with some effort, holding it by friction. Lubricate the edge of the hole with glue and fasten the clock. The back surface of the watch should be flush with the rear surface of the panel, and the height to go on the front side. If the clock are on the front side more than 0.7-1 cm, make a basis thicker, such as two or three layers of cardboard. Then thickness will be partially hidden by basis.


From the skin color of the Foundation panels cut strips, the length of which is about 2 cm more than the circumference of the dial and the width is 3 times more than acting on the basis of the clock (figure 60, a) Fold the strip lengthwise, almost in half, leaving the free edge about 0.5 cm to Stick, fluff with glue inside the fold.

Now smear glue on the end of the watch and the small space around them. Tightly wrap edge hours glued strip to bend towered above the surface of the dial at 1-2 mm. Starting to stick a little bend the beginning of the strip down so that the edge of her gradually raised from the surface panel to the upper surface of hours. Completing the circle, cover with second strip end first, also slightly lowering it down. Strip simultaneously attach to the side of the clock and to the base around them. Done the operation well fix the clock in the base (figure 60, b).

If you have a large piece of leather for the base, cut out from a circle whose diameter is equal to the diameter of the Foundation plus the thickness of the Foundation plus 2 cm for the hem. In the center of the part to cut a hole equal to the diameter of the clock together with piping. Starfuit from the inside edge of the inner hole of the part. You can surfovat and outer edges - then when you hem they will form smaller folds. Spread glue on a cardboard base, glue it on the leather detail. The edges of the inner circle as accurately as possible stick to the edging and fastening the watch. The outer edge of the leather fold inside out and glue, proburivaja. You can not do assemblies and to cut the edges of the bases of the valves, and then bend and glue them inside one by one.

But most likely, the background will have to collect several pieces of skin. To their joints in the future, were hidden under the decoration, draw on paper a circle is equal to the size of the bases with inscribed small circle the size of the dial. Lay in the drawing, the pieces of skin and determine how to best position from the point of view of placing of the decor. Joints later will be closed with leaves and stems. If you experience difficulties, remember that a few extra leaves that are close in color to the base will not change the overall perception of the composition. Cover the background of selected pieces, turning edge inside out. While the base dries, take manufacturing of flowers and leaves.

For roses we chose the skin of four colors - grey, beige, lilac and brown. All beige roses made with the flesh side outside, purple inside, and grey both of these ways. This alternation of textures makes the composition more interesting. Follow the roses from folded in half and glued strips of skin. Braid the strips, giving them a particularly extreme form of petals. Buds - the wider the strips, twisted in a smaller number of turns (figure 60, b).

Cut the leaves of lilac, beige and brown leather. Coat them with streaks and finish on the candle. Excess soot wipe off with a cloth (figure 60, g).

Arrange roses and leaves on the base, making them bouquets as illustrated. At this stage, pay attention to color harmony. If roses are too high, cut with a utility knife at the bottom of the flower. Often derived scrap can be used in the composition (figure 60,d).

Do the cords for the stems. To do this, carefully cut a strip with a width of 2-3 mm from the skin of medium thickness or bend the edge of a thin piece of skin; glue, prostuchite a hammer and cut.

Glue the flowers and leaves at selected locations. One of the leaves cover the joints Kant, enveloping the clock. Cord cover remaining gaps between the parts of the background (figure 60,e).


Rear side bases attach a loop for hanging.

Wonderful "Rose garden" is a year-round Wake summer memories, vacation, date...

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