Such a friendly couple kittens — black and white — can be hung on the wall or put on the sofa, the chairs. Their thick knit cotton yarn hook number 3 on the drawing (figure 78).

Head-body consists of two halves. For one half the white thread tie a chain of 6 loops, lock in the ring. Next knit circle of columns with nakida by the General rules, adding 9 columns
house row:
1 row and 9 columns in girth ring ;
2 row — 18 columns;
3 row 27 columns;
4 row — 36 bars;
5 row 40 columns;
6 row — 54 column;
7 row — 54 column additions to the canvas is slightly rounded.

(The number of rows may be greater if the diameter of the circle has not reached 20 cm.)
The second half cushion — second round — knit the same way.
On one side mark the places for eyes, nose, mouth (make bobbin thread) and embroider them "chain" — chain stitch crochet with black thread on the front side. This will secure the thread on the reverse side at the beginning of the eyes and keep it on the index finger of the left hand over the blade. The hook enter in the canvas with the front side at the beginning of the eyes, grab the thread with your finger and pull it in a loop. Again, enter the hook into the fabric along the outline of the picture, grab the thread, pull it to the front side and pull through the loop on the hook (figure 79). Then embroider the same. Reaching the end, cut the thread, pull the end of the last loop and secure on the reverse side.

Now fold both halves of the pillow together, how the pins in a circle and sew them together on the front side of the crochet, inserting hook under all loops of one and the second half (figure 80) and promazyvaya columns without nakida. Leave a part is not sewn, stuff the pillow filler and sew to the end.

Ears. The top edge of the pillow to the right and left of the centre count five loops is the beginning of the right and left ear (figure 81), and secure with black thread and tie 12 columns without nakida (ear width), inserting the hook under the loops of strapping. Then knit according to the scheme (figure 82), subtracting one column at the end of each row. When you are finished knitting, cut the thread and tie the ear "crayfish" loops. The second ear knit similarly.


Feet. On the lower edge of the cushion, attach white thread at the beginning of the leg (figure 78). Tie a chain of 10 loops and attach it to the pillow prostovisa without nakida. The chain tightly tie one row of columns without nakida. Next tie another one exactly the same foot. Similarly, tie the two legs with the other hand.
Tail. black thread tie a chain of 4 loops, lock in the ring. Ring tie 7 columns without nakida. Then knit, adding two columns in each row up to 13 columns. In this number of the columns continue knitting, alternating black and white threads to the desired size of the tail (see figure 78). Finished the tail, stuff with filler and sew to the back of the pillow.
Knit a second cat as well, only black thread with white ears.

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