Do not rush to throw away the roller with a old grandma's sofa or a mattress from the crib, from which you've grown. Their "Pets" that serve you and a toy and a pillow. At first very tightly roll the mattress to cushion and durable thread slanted stitches secure the edge of the mattress is not unfolded (figure 66) On the roller put the cover and fasten it on the ends. To cover any fabric piece of old curtains, unwanted dress, Bathrobe, pants, etc. depending on the color of the cover and pick up the animal, which needs to be done. Yellow cloth lion, the striped tiger, cat, gray mouse, rabbit, dog, etc. Cushion, turn seam down.


Now we can do the head. The size will determine the diameter of the end part of the cushion. Cut out a piece of foam rubber round the head size. It needs to be slightly larger, about 5 cm diameter face of the roller. Crochet knit columns without nakida, knitting hosiery knitting (1 row: facial loop 2 row: purl) or thread waste. The scheme is knit pattern "thread waste" — in figure 67. Enter an odd number of stitches for the width of the square and knit the first row, alternating front and back loops. In the second row, knit in pattern, that is, on the front knit facial loops, and over purl — purl. In the third row don't start knitting the front loop, as in the first row, and purl (this is the confusion) and then alternate front and purl loops. In the fourth row knit in pattern. But starting from the fifth row, repeat the pattern again from the first row. Edge loops in the schema is not specified, don't forget the rules of their promazyvanija.

Tying a square, loop, close. Pass the needle with strong thread and sew seam "forward a needle" painting on the edge, forming a circle (figure 68). Put a foam circle in knitted cloth and tie it with thread. Fix a thread. The circle attach to the roller, and neatly sew seam "over the edge".



Now execute the muzzle. For lining bright thread tie a chain of 10 loops. Around the chain link 5 rows of columns without nakida (figure 69). The addition of columns to make each row have first and last loops of the chain in turn: in each of the three columns provarite two column without nakida. At the end of each short row round. Under finished trim put a piece of foam and pull the thread in the center.through the pad pull rods mustache and sew the pad to the muzzle. Made of black oilcloth or fabric cut a circle with a diameter of 3 cm, Sew it slanted stitches over the edge, fill any filler, pull and sew to the lining.



Language red thread tie a chain of three loops. The chain tie two rows of columns without nakida. Adding columns make the second row at the end of the chain (figure 70). Language sew under the lining.


Eyes cut out of cloth and glue or sew, and embroider eyebrows.

For cat ear link the chain of 5 loops. The chain tie 5 rows of columns without nakida, adding columns, as in the knitting of the tongue. The sixth and seventh rows knit without the addition of columns, and in the following rows take away posts in reverse order, i.e. at the end of the chain, where was adding skip in each row three times in one column. When you are finished knitting, sew the eyelet, fill it with filler and sew to head.

For the lion's mane link the chain length of the mane. The chain provarite one row of columns without nakida, the second row of elongated loops. So alternate rows of columns to the width of the mane. Then sew it to the head.

For a ponytail weave for cord of stacked multiple threads (see figure 26 in the article "a Bouquet of colored laces") or a thick crochet knit chain of air loops. At the end of the tail of a lion sew the tassel(see figure 30 in the article "Fabrication of the brush").

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