The pattern of this skirt is performed to pattern the straight skirt. Take a straight skirt pattern (see figure 65) and transfer it to a sheet of paper to obtain a curve, shown in figure 76.
Long wavy arrow shows the surface patterns shown in figure 70 the article Straight skirt. The left inner edge of the rear cloth skirts limit vertical line to her.
The inner edge of the skirt should go on this line to close the desired area of the figure. The width of the smell is sufficient. Right draw a line of fasteners parallel to the line of the middle of the rear cloth skirts. The buckle width 10-1 2 cm seam Allowance on the clasp is equal to 4 cm.
To cut out this skirt, you need to take into account its asymmetry, although it is insignificant, and point out the patterns of the fabric weave.

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