Skirt without side seams convenient when you use fabric with stripes or plaid, as the fit of the cells or stripes on the side seams is sometimes a big difficulty. It should also be noted that the absence of side seams allows you to save the fabric across the width, which is especially important when using narrow fabrics.
Skirt without side seams is recommended to cut on a proven accurate patterns in the figure do not have deviations from the typical figures. The clasp of the skirt without side seams is best placed in the middle of the back or front cloth skirts. For some shapes in the skirt without side seams it is necessary to change the length of the Darts on the back panel for aesthetic reasons.
Move the curve, denoting the dashed lines, and the second side tuck on the rear panel. Let's say that hip shapes have the greatest convexity at a distance of 8-10 cm below the waistline. Change the bulge of the side tuck so to make a tuck shorter. Thus, in figure 71 it ends half the distance between the lines of the waist and hips. On the basis of aesthetic considerations, change the length of the second tuck of the rear cloth skirts.

Skirt without side seams
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