Skirt, slightly narrowed downward, is considered a classic, as fashion it is repeated periodically.
Translate the drawing straight skirts on a sheet of paper (figure 72). From each side line of the cut on the bottom of the skirt is put 2 cm in the direction of drawing. Plotting points connect the straight lines with lines of the side sections at the level of the hips. The skirt is narrowed
This model can be used both in dress and in the skirt. If the bust considerably exceeds the circumference of the hips, the dress do the buckle through the middle of the back (from the neck down to 12-15 cm below the waist line ). Tapered skirt is not recommended to sew the pieces with low hips. You cut it the skirt straight and saugata its only fitting.
When cutting the skirt, narrowed downward, without side seams need to connect the patterns of the front and rear panels by lines of the side sections (figure 73). Received the side tuck is longer than in figure 70 the article Straight skirt. Mark its end, which is usually on the hips. In this case, you should not change the length of the other recesses, as the balance between them is not broken. The skirt is narrowed
The middle of the front cloth patterns this skirt when cutting, you should locate the common thread of the fabric. The middle curves of the rear cloth skirts does not coincide with the shared thread of the fabric . In this case, it doesn't matter.
If the middle seam of the front cloth skirts not coincide with the direction of the warp threads, the middle of the rear cloth skirts can be put on the fold of the fabric, provided the location of the fasteners on the front panel. In some cases, a clasp can be placed on the side, if the side tuck has sufficient length.
In the presence of the side seams of the equity of the thread can coincide with the line side. Then the middle of the front and rear panels of the skirt are fitted in the oblique direction yarns of the fabric.

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