Nizhnie to the wire most often used for making various Souvenirs from beads (plants, animals, men..). You will need:

1. Beads, glass beads, cutting and beads of various colors and sizes.

2. Wire of various colors and diameters. Colored wire can be purchased in specialized stores. Well, the simple copper can be extracted from old devices, adapters, batteries... just Ask your husband, he should know where else they live, these cherished katashiki :)

Materials for working with wire and beads

3. Depending on the thickness used in the product of wire you can use: scissors, wire cutters - for cutting wire.

4. For curvature/bending wire parts, use pliers and tweezers.

5. Also, you may need thick silk threads (mostly green and brown) - for winding the stems of plants.

6. PVA glue, superglue, or any other - to consolidate the threads that wrapped the stalk of a plant (by the way, you can attach the yarn and use wire, but for greater reliability is possible and glue).

That's, like, everything. You can get to work!

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