Fenichka-based chain the "Cross"

The product looks like:

Fenichka-based chain the Cross

The product is woven on the basis of the chain "Cross" two needles. You can weave in two directions: along and across. I prefer to weave across, as in this direction the product longer and have to turn less. The weave pattern of the product looks like this:

Fenichka-based chain the Cross

Keep in mind that all the beads used in this product must be the same size, otherwise it will be ugly. The product with blue rhombuses (figure above) shows that the gold beads (located at the top edge) is smaller than the rest, so the edge of the item turned ribbed, in contrast to the smooth edges of the black baubles.
I suggest to draw on the squared paper ornament for your product and then weave according to the pattern. If the ornament will be periodically repeated - it makes no sense to draw a diagram just, just paint a few segments, and then start with the first one. If you want to write something or make a unique pattern - will have to paint the entire bracelet in its entirety.

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