Bracelet "Pearls braided"

That's what it looks like this product:

Bracelet Pearls braided

The product is woven on two needles, then pletetsya third thread. It is best if the diameter of the pearl is 6-8 mm. so, in the middle of a thread clamp, and then for each thread type 3 beads. Miss both filaments in the pearl:

Bracelet Pearls braided

Again, type three beads and pass both threads into a pearl. It should be noted that the number dialed beads depends on the size of the pearls - the more beads, the more beads we recruit, and Vice versa. Continue to weave until you reach the desired length. Then you attach two threads, you have to attach the clip to the second edge of the bracelet (by the way, with the same success it can be and earrings and necklace). Now odletem the resulting product to a third thread, as shown in the figure below:

Bracelet Pearls braided

It should be noted that the number podplacenym beads on each loop does not necessarily have to be equal to 5, as shown. It is chosen individually, depending on the size of pearls.

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