Cap JLo begin knitting from the center, vagim as shown in figures 1 to 7. vivasyan 5 polostevichi and close as figures 9 and 10. note the last polytypic his or thread in a contrasting color, then vagim only for the rear thread loop, then Varzim 2nd and 3rd rows: each polostevichi vivasyan two.
4th row: ground p o Lu STO W IR vivasyan two from the second one.5th row: divide the pancake into 10 wedges and wazim on the circle vymazyvaja from the first column of each wedge until the two wedges will increase to 17 pustovitov or 19 rows. 20th and 21st rows: each of the first floor STO l b ICA vivasyan three, and in the middle of each wedge vagim three polostevichi together. 22nd row: at the beginning kazhdoko wedge no longer add - vagim one to one, and in the middle, instead of three, are finished 5-th polytypical together. 23rd row: in the middle of each wedge miss three loops, i.e. make the hole, the arrow number 1 in the photo. 24th row: from the beginning of the wedge knit three p/column, then skip five p/columns of the previous row (big hole - arrow number 2 in the picture), knit three n/columns, one p/a column (the middle between the wedges) three p/column, skip five etc.. between the big holes should be seven p/columns.
25th, 26th and 27th rows knit normally, n/columns, one to one is to turn the bezel. with the cap all.
now the visor. I tied him up like this: to link a chain of 16 of the stitches and knit in a circle, polostevichi (like his cap, behind the rear thread), adding in each end at the three p/St.. to link seven rows. to get a boat. bend it in half - get a visor. tie it to the front of his cap. I need to see the cap tied to the long side (arrow 3 in the photo), ie, on the contrary, it was a real cap with a real visor. if you want the canopy was denser in it some kind of spacer to attach, don't know how it is called in Russian.
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