Cap cap : row 1 - in the ring (2 times around your finger) 12 lush columns , it is possible to lift to gain 3 VP , and better just to pull a long loop .
2 row - 24 lush columns (columns to get the tick)
3 row - in a tick predidushih number two lush columns (also to get the tick ) and in the space between the checkmark column with nakida back .... in General, the number looks like this : the tick (article 2 lush in the middle predidushih , 1st.with n for the rear.wall , 2 pysh.St ...)
4, a number - tick , on predidushih article. tie 2 tbsp. s n for the rear wall is formed a wedge cap , tick ...
5, a number - tick , two predidushih article. knit 3 tbsp. with n ( to get a more straight wedges do the addition in the last article. ie
all subsequent rows will be knit at the last S. n pred.number two ;
and in order to get the spiral - make a raise at the beginning of the wedge ( the tick on the St. with n pred.the number two article.)
6 a number - tick , 4 of art.
do the addition to the desired diameter , are finished without a number of additions - optional, and then start to do the subtraction , I've done a number of both subtraction of the wedge , that was exactly , but one by one , at the beginning or at the end ;
when done remove knit headband desired height separately vigem visor (double), and in the last row of the rim privatajiem visor.

The number of wedges can be chosen arbitrarily 6,8,9,12 , but the more wedges , the rounder cap.
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