Takes consists of 6 wedges that are knitted sequentially.
Dial on the spokes of 7 loops on the edge.
1P 1 yo, 1 facial
2P (and all even) all the loops facial, nacida are finished crossed
3P as the first (on the spokes 25 of the loops).

Mark with colored thread every 4th loop, which is on the border between
wedges beret. In further knitting for rasshireniya to klingelte on
one nakida on both sides of the marked loops in the following order:

3 times in 1 series
6 times every 3 rows

When the radius of the bottom is equal to 14 cm, and the width of each wedge 15 cm
(126 loops), knit across the row 6 rows without increases, and then subtract 48 loops
for 4 doses, promazyvaya every 3 rows 12 times for the two loops together
at equal intervals.

When the needles will remain 78 loops, knit headband with a length of 4 cm rubber 1x1.

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