Painting silk ribbons

You can find undyed silk ribbon in various widths. It can be dyed at home dye for fabrics or silk. The most important thing when painting is the exact compliance with the manufacturer's instructions. Staining can be done in two ways described below.


You'll need

Dye for silk or fabric, flat brush, white plate or a special frame on which to pull the ribbon, silk ribbon, glass of water, paper towels.


Cut the desired number of strips and moisten it in a glass of water. Then blot excess moisture with paper towels. You should know that, the drier the ribbon, the stronger and thicker its color when painting. After that, the tape should be put on the edge of the plate and painted with a brush, starting from the tip. If the tape should be painted in two or more colors, the brush after each color should be washed in water and then blot away moisture with a paper towel.

You can leave to dry painted the tape directly on the plate. Then fix the paint, propadu tape with a hot iron.

It is recommended to pull the ribbon on the frame is quite strong, but not so much that it formed the holes of the buttons.

Painting silk ribbons

Fig. 39. Pulling the tape on the frame

Then with a brush apply the paint to the tape. For a lighter shade you want to dilute the paint with water. So you can paint the ribbon in different shades of the same color.


You'll need

Dye for silk or cloth, bowl, silk tape, water wand.


The ends of the tape wrap and ironed with a hot iron. In a bowl, dilute the paint. It is expedient for the dyeing to use a glass bowl - it will be better visible color.

The shade is easy to check, first color a small piece of tape in the right color and waiting for it to dry completely. We must remember that when dry the color is always lighter. For more light pastel colors you need to add more water.

The tape and drop into a bowl of diluted paint and mix it up with a stick. Then remove the tape from the bowl and hang to dry. Painted ribbon finish.

Tape can be dried in different ways:

  • during drying of tape to weight the color is rather uniform. For best effect you need colored tape to squeeze between forefinger and thumb and grab the entire length of the surface thereof;
  • during drying, the strips collected into a ball, it will appear beautiful divorce;
  • when drying in a microwave oven, the tape color changes dramatically from dark to light tone.
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