Embroidery – one of the interesting types of needlework. Having examined the various types of stitches you can create with their hands are unusually beautiful things.

Since ancient times, a narrow strip of fabric used in daily life and economic activities of people. Already in Ancient Greece women are woven into hair strips of cloth, in order to spice up your image. Coloured ribbons off with the clothes, and each social class is characterized by its own color and material.

The most ancient examples of embroidery are few paintings extant from Ancient China.

The real glory of decorative ribbons began in France in the XIV century, when Europe began to produce the precious silk thread. And it so happened that just then began the fashion for luxurious coats and cloaks, richly trimmed in brocade and gold ribbons, so the demand for this of the product have grown steadily. Already at the court of Louis XIV ribbons, embroidered with pearls and jewels, decorated with all the toilet.

And with Rococo embroidery became formalized as a separate species rather elegant Handicrafts that are attractive primarily to the fact that the pictures of this embroidery are three-dimensional and very realistic.

In our time, when the needlework world is experiencing a rebirth, embroidery ribbons also not left behind. Moreover, the technology has not changed: the current master use exactly the same techniques, fabrics, needles and ribbons, as pioneers in this exciting venture. Of course, tape has evolved into an integral part of our everyday life, they have become cheap, they are now made not only from silk but also from satin, moire, cotton and various synthetic fabrics.

To embroider ribbons simple and entertaining, its feature is that it gives the drawing depth and sophistication. The world in which we live today, makes looking for new goals, to be able much.

Being able to craft, learn new technologies, in particular, embroidery ribbons, you can make the house festive atmosphere to create comfort and beauty. This kind of needlework will help to fulfill your potential in life that is so necessary to our children.

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