The workpiece in the form of eggs. beads pearl "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col 1016 - 30 gr., beading gold "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col 7500 - 20 gr., beads "Guetermann glass pearl" art. 773883 col 1030 - 20 gr., beads "Guetermann faceted crystal" art. 601632 col 1016 30 pieces beads "Guetermann faceted crystal" art. 601640 col 1016 of 30 pieces

For this type suitable for eggs of different sizes with printed image and sainthood, which can be purchased in the Church shops. Since these eggs are already dyed completely, then paint with acrylic paint not necessary.

It should be noted that solemn and noble looks the combination of pearl, gold and crystal beading that repeats the colors of the interior of the Church. Suitable beads, beads, cutting and bugles of different sizes.

The work is conducted on the same principle:
1. Woven belt complicated threading option "x" (figure 24), i.e., the first two needles are making the chain one of the many variants of alternating beads and beads, and then one needle pamplemousse additional rows on both sides of the chain.

2. Stitched belt tightly fits the height of the eggs, walking along the tops. During operation the belt is not slipping from his seat, secure it in several places with thin pins with a ring on the end.

3. First pletetsya rear part of the egg is totally arbitrary rows, alternating beads, cutting, glass beads, and then all together, gradually filling the space to the center of the rear part (figure 25).

4. Then pletetsya front, where there is an image of the Holy face (figure 25). If the face is not in the center of the surface of the egg, and slightly shifted up, at the bottom vyputatsya shortened rows, gradually climbing up, and only when visually the shape of the braiding becomes symmetric with respect to the image, the netting being in full ranks as long as the oval will be only the image of the icon.

5, At the top of the egg sets the cross, which is woven on the wire according to the diagram in figure 26. It can be from beads, bugle beads, "rice"

6. Easter egg "Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sophia" pletetsya similarly.

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