Is that clear geometric patterns in jewelry are starting to get bored, want to do something special, unique. This is the perfect free technique of weaving. It is impossible to make a mistake in the pattern, it is impossible to insert extra bead, it is impossible to make exactly the same product. At first glance it may seem that to make such a product very difficult. But that's not true.

I propose to begin with the selection of colors. I usually pour the beads into one container and mix them up. It helps in advance to see a sample of the product.

When you decide on the color scheme, you can begin to manufacture the product. The thread dial on the required number of beads alternate colors and sizes. Don't forget about beads larger:

Now start to podlatat second row of beads in the opposite direction. I used the weave mosaic (peyote stitch) and "grid," a few stitches made in the technique of "cross".

When he reached the end of the second row turn around and start poplett third, fourth and other rows, until you reach the desired width of the product.

Don't be afraid to dream! Alternate different weaving technique, insert large beads, make loops, arcs... everything that comes to mind. I'm sure you will definitely get something worthwhile!

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