Applique (from the Latin word application — attachment) is a way to create ornaments by imposing various forms of the same material and fixing them on the other material as background.
Material for appliques serve as knitted items, cords, pieces of fabric of different textures, leather, fur. Background for the application can be knitwear, knitwear products, cloth (best cloth, canvas), cardboard.
Connect application with the background in two ways: gluing and sewing.

The application of knitted parts, you can arrange Mat, small panels, pillow case cushion, tablecloth, handbags etc. Particularly good application of knit wear for children.
First, make a preliminary sketch of the location of an application on the product, define the shape, size, color.
The size of any application (or toys) that are performed on the finished pattern, you can do more or less, respectively, to increase or decrease the pattern. How to do it?
When the figure shows to scale on graph paper, the number of cells horizontally and vertically (figure 49).


If there are no markings on the cells, then enter the figure into a rectangle, raschertite it into squares and number them. Then on graph paper, draw a new rectangle with the same number of cells but with a large size (sometimes the size and indicate in the drawing), and also number them (figure 50). This rectangle redraw the pattern, being careful that all lines are exactly located in the cells.



Then vymazyvaja the details of the pattern and iron through a damp cloth. The finished part tailoring and attach with pins to the product and primitivity on the edge of the seam "forward needle". To applique the product looked convex, when pinning, place over it a piece of fliselin, cut to the same pattern. Tacked on figure sheathe edges of bobbin thread and frequent small slanted stitches. All the work again, iron through the cloth, the basting is removed.

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