Piping and podborta buckles are usually cut on the patterns of main parts of the product. In figure 144 is displayed simultaneously building piping at the arm openings and neckline. In the model, shown in figure 139, piping to armholes and neckline can be done in two steps: first, for the neckline, and then for the armhole. The facing
Turn the pattern shown in figure 140, lowering the shoulder line on 2-2,5 cm (see figure 132 the article "Armhole sleeveless blouses and low armhole"). Draw the neckline of a smaller size to get a more wide straps ( shoulder width is approximately equal to 9 cm; see figure 144). To build obrazek draw a line parallel to the lines of the neck and arm openings for a distance of 3-4 cm from the edge (shaded areas).
Put the piping on a new sheet of paper and cut them out. Then write on them all the necessary instructions. Having received the details on the fabric, they can be cut out entirely or, if they do not fit, cut at the shoulder line. If the shoulder tuck of the back crosses the facing, close the dart on the pattern

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