Consider two types of podborov depending on fasteners (see figure 141 and 143).
The size of podborta set normally, as for obcutek on the curve. The minimum width of podborta equal to the distance from the line side to the edges of the loops plus 1-2 cm (its width is equal to the average of 6-8 cm for dresses and 8-10 cm for coat).
When a sufficient amount of tissue podbot you can carve out together with the facing of the neck and of the shoulder cut. In this case, the back neck facing draw the same width as podborta at the top.
If side products direct, podborta you can carve out together with the shelves, bending the fabric at the edge of a Board (figure 145). Podborta
To copy the patterns set width podborta from waist line to bottom as follows.
If the fabric is light and soft enough, podbot can reach the line of Darts (or relief) so that you can attach it to the underside of the front (figure 146, a thin dashed line from the shoulder cut to the line of Darts).
For medium and heavy fabrics should not be applied to the fabric in four layers over the whole width of the clasp. It is better to make the width of podborta minimal (1-2 cm outside the loops). In this model, it is necessary to adhere to the middle of the front in the area from the waist to the hem (see figure 146, thick dashed line).
To draw the upper part of podborta to continue this line approximately 4 cm to the left of the neckline.

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