Moorish lamp shade

Hits:831 Wire products

This lampshade is made from a large number of swirls, hearts, spirals, and is intended for those who already have some experience with wire. Each individual component is easy to...

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Wall hanger

Hits:879 Wire products

We do not regret neither forces, nor time for the improvement of our house. And yet there comes a time when we want something original. Hooks of this unusual hanger...

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"Avant-garde" watch

Hits:857 Wire products

... Watch What happens: solar, water, sand, outdoor, cuckoo... And those from an ordinary glass Cup and saucer. Clockwork you can either purchase in store or take of the old...

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The setting for meals

Hits:820 Wire products

Empty walls, even painted in cheerful colours look boring. Bright decorative dish will enliven the room and give it expression. Framing of flattened wire spirals, between which is clamped the...

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Hits:746 Wire products

Few people indifferent candles. A flickering candle flame mesmerizing, mysterious shadows moving on the ceiling and walls: it is interesting and scary. Candles — accessories of many holidays, that's why...

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Frame for mirror

Hits:796 Wire products

The mirror is one of the main decorations of the house. It helps to push the wall of a small room, fills it with additional light and gives a finishing...

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Evening bag

Hits:875 Wire products

Hard to believe that this unusual handbag is made of wire. Sharp ends are woven into the knitted fabric, they are connected by front and back half of the handbag...

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Bowl beaded

Hits:894 Wire products

Openwork lace braid wire studded with beads, turns an ordinary glass bowl into an elegant table decoration. As for the legs, use conical beads, as they have a flat base...

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Screen for window

Hits:863 Wire products

When the sun illuminates the screen, its rays passing through the glass beads embellish the walls whimsical colorful designs. Accurately measure the width and height of the window frame. Before...

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Wire wreath

Hits:1033 Wire products

Winter celebration filled with expectation of a miracle. Long before the holidays starts pleasant chores: need to think of festive menu and get table service and Cutlery, crystal glasses and...

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Wall hooks

Hits:921 Wire products

These hooks are beautiful and comfortable. Make them very simple, so this project is suitable for beginners: all you need to create a little bit of galvanized steel wire and...

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Hits:826 Wire products

On cold winter evenings it is good to pass the time in the family circle for warming the body and soul a drink. Making coasters out of wire, turn inexpensive...

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Magazine rack

Hits:897 Wire products

Steel wire mesh has a certain color, which in combination with plastic pipes and shiny glass beads, pearl beads and beads creates a stylish design. Steel welded mesh is easy...

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Basket tray for cups

Hits:790 Wire products

This elegant wire basket tray will be useful for summer picnics in the fresh air. It is made of sturdy wire, lightweight and comfortable. Wavy wire manufacture with Giga (see...

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Table decoration

Hits:815 Wire products

Create your own ornaments and table decorations using wire as the frame design, and glass as a source of color and texture. The tripods and the pyramidal structure stable and...

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Elegant flashlight

Hits:728 Wire products

It's hard to believe this sleek flashlight made of plain woven mesh. This mesh is a wonderful material because it can give the most unexpected forms. In this case, the...

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Heart - Valentine

Hits:746 Wire products

Valentine's day — the holiday of lovers. The symbol of this day — the heart. A box of chocolates, birthday cake, small gifts, according to tradition, in the shape of...

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A plaque

Hits:794 Wire products

With this icon you can decorate a door or a drawer, or in a reduced form, the handbag or album. In order to make their own name badge, you will...

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Funny fairy

Hits:904 Wire products

This magical fairy will make a note to any celebration. She can decorate a Christmas tree or birthday cake in birthday. Maybe it is better to float in the window...

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Christmas star

Hits:849 Wire products

Manufacturer of Christmas toys — a very exciting experience: it doesn't matter whether you do it for yourself or for a gift. A set of colorful stars looks great on...

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Napkin rings

Hits:810 Wire products

Elegant napkin rings will decorate a festive meal: string beads on wire and roll it in a spiral. Pick up the beads so that the color and texture it was...

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Beaded butterfly

Hits:765 Wire products

Butterfly is one of the most popular elements of the decor, which is often found on fabrics, clothing, Wallpaper. In this project, the butterfly is made of soft copper wire...

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