Empty walls, even painted in cheerful colours look boring. Bright decorative dish will enliven the room and give it expression. Framing of flattened wire spirals, between which is clamped the edge of the dish, will help to secure it on the wall. By understanding how things are done framing, you can change it by adding other decorative elements, or using a colored wire.

galvanized steel wire with a diameter of 0.9 mm
a thin wire

wooden rods with a diameter of 1 and 4 cm

Make two flattened wire spirals (see "Fabrication of tapered spiral"). One of the spirals run from a single piece of wire with a thin rod, and the second from a double-twisted wire with the thick. The length of the spirals depends on the size of meals. The stretched length of the tapered helix of the single wire about 2.5 times the circumference of the dish, and the length of a spiral from a double-twisted wire — a little more of its circumference.

Bend narrow flattened spiral of a star. Connect the ends of the spiral with pliers making them into little linked loops.

Insert the edge of the dish between loops wide tapered spiral, placing them alternately over and under the dish. Bending the helix to the desired size, remove the dish and connect the ends of the wire with pliers making them small linked loops.

Position the frame in the form of a star around a circular frame. Connect them by tying the thin wire at all points of contact. Firmly tie the ends of the studs and cut the excess wire.

If you plan on hanging the dish on the wall, do the suspension, arching wire rim. With pliers bend small loops at its ends, interlock and firmly squeeze them. Cut five pieces of wire the right length to connect them to the headband at the base with the inner edge of the decorative frame. With pliers to make hooks on both ends of all pieces. One of the ends of the four jumpers, hook the hooks over the rim at the base and squeeze the hooks so that they are not removed from the bezel. Fold the remaining piece of letter Got to him it was possible to hang the dish.

Insert the dish in a decorative frame, then flip it upside down and put the rim on the base. Connect the free ends of the four jumpers, attached to the rim, with decorative frame, tightly holding hooks. Attach the loop for hanging to the rim from the bottom (see photo).


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