The petals of these flowers are the same, the only difference in the design of the outlet.

Asters, use a strip of soft leather of any suitable color with the width of 3,5-4 cm Length of strips depends on the thickness of the skin, but not less than 20 cm, Cut a strip of fringe with a width of 2-3 mm, leaving one edge not cut (identical to the stamens of the poppy) for a width of 3-4 mm. Lubricate the edge with glue and roll into a tight roll. Spread the petals. In the center, cut several strips of fringe, making the middle (figure 78,a).

On the stem do the base for the flower. On it attach a part of the sepal (figure 78,b). Long ledges of this part, you can pre-slightly spinning over the fire around its axis. The sepals attach the flower and stem - the leaves (figure 78, in).

For dandelion, take a strip of soft thin skin is yellow with a width of 2 cm and a length of 10-12 cm is Created the dandelion the same as the Astra, just in the middle vystrigla fringe forms a circle of short petals (figure 78, g, d, e).

If dandelion will be part of the bouquet of flowers described above, the sheets to do. If you want to create an independent composition, make a few leaves of different sizes (figure 78, W). These flowers will go well with real dried dandelions.

Dried dandelions: selecting the flower with a beautiful fluffy head on all sides with spray paint or other varnish sprays; in the stem, insert the wire and leave to dry. These flowers look alive all winter. Aster and dandelion
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