This flower is composed of two parts - the more blue, and less blue (figure 76, a, b). Cutting out the parts, don't discard the small triangles obtained by shaping the edges of petals: they will need for plugs.

The base of the flower runs from long strips of leather beige. First, the strip is a rectangle, then its sides converge, creating a right triangle (figure 76, in). Lubricate the short side of the triangle with glue and wrap the strip around the top of the stem, proKLIMA each round. You should now have a figure with a thickened middle portion and flat platform at the top.

The basis of a real flower covered with scales. To simulate them, apply with a utility knife cuts all around the base, parallel to the first stem, then perpendicular. Opaite them on the flame. The incisions will be revealed, a convex space will be darkened, and the Foundation will look almost like the real thing.

Now, assemble the flower. On the large (blue) item glue the smaller (blue) to the blue petals are located between blue. Grease glue the flat top of the base and middle of the wrong side of the blue details and attach the flower to the stem.

Socket cornflower has the character of mood. Make it out of triangles remaining from the petals. Glue them wrong side up, one or two on each petal, connecting the vertices in the center of the flower and leaving between their parties small gaps. The triangles form a circle. In the gaps between the pasted circuits: glue the remaining triangles. Attach them on the end also the top and base to the edges of the circle (figure 76, g).

If you find that the contrast between the blue petals too harsh, it prevents a holistic perception of the flower, to soften it. On the blue petals, apply a few touches of blue gel pen, and blue and silver or white. You can also glue thin leather shavings suitable color.

The cornflower leaves are oblong lancenigo form. Cut them from the skin of medium thickness (figure 76, d). If desired, edit the part of them above the fire. Glue to the stem as well as leaves of chamomile.



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