Flowers win against the greenery. Make a few blades of grass. To do this, a piece of leather or beige suede cut a strip 4 cm wide and 10-20-cm length (the length will depend on the height of the spike). Fold the strip in half lengthways and cut a fringe from the fold (figure 80). The width of each strip of fringe 2. Now slightly slide relative to each other uncut edges and glue them. The region has prepared thus details grease glue and starting at the top, a spiral wrap her branch-stem. Last round do not oblique, but direct. Touch up the join of the ear to the stalk, ensuring a smooth transition of color. Add a few leaves (figure 80,b).
 Additions to the bouquet
Forming a bouquet of leather flowers, turn on some real dried plants - grain spikes, panicles of grass, blossoms decorative bow, delicate branches. The color of these additions should not be bright, so as not to drown out the artificial flowers. Dried plants will alleviate some of the arbitrariness of leather colors, will lend a natural winter bouquet of dried flowers.
Probably will not find a person in the world who would not love the most amazing flower - the rose. No wonder at all people she is the Queen of the vegetable Kingdom, as the lion the king of beasts, the eagle the king of birds.
All good the Queen of flowers, and attire, and proudly planted on the stem head, and the subtle flavor... Even the thorns are natural to it, for give the impression of inaccessibility, which is decorated with flower-and woman.
Not surprising, the popularity of roses in the interiors, clothing, household items, jewelry. In the Diamond Fund of Russia kept roses of great beauty: don't skimp for her most expensive material - the king of stones of the diamond. We will try to create an image rose of a material is more modest.
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