In Japan there is the art of growing dwarf trees, different from the forest only by size. Naturally the admiration of such trees are common in people living in the city, away from nature. Not everyone has the strength to master the difficult art of growing bonsai, but anyone, even a child, can produce his likeness.
First, you need to choose the basis of bonsai - the future of the trunk and branches of a tree. Striking the branch hard to find among the shrubs growing along the sidewalks. These shrubs are often pruned so many branches look like miniature trees. Go to the choice carefully. How interesting the selected instance, depends on impression of the future product. Well, if the branch has a distinctive appearance and different looks from all sides (and phases of work, see figure 85).
Let it cut and dried you branch - the basis of bonsai - would resemble a tree growing on the sea shore, where the winds often blow in the same direction. What a tree, Linden tree, maple, will suggest the nature of the branch.
Select the picture of the leaves, their color (depending on time of year) and prep the skin the desired color. Choose a suitable container in which to grow your tree. This can be a finished pot, plant pots from the flower shop or vase, you have made from scrap materials. You can even use a box of cottage cheese or yogurt, removing all labels. Leave it white or painted speckled spray dyes, making ceramic-like product. If you think to place the bonsai in a flat vase, use a little ice cream or other suitable packaging. Finally, it is easy to mold by the capacity of clay or clay (sold both in the departments of the goods for children's creativity). Because our tree does not require watering, the clay can not be burned.
Interesting option - the whole arrangement of houses and trees on their terraces. Houses molded from clay. Windows and doors cut or paint (sometimes use both in one song). The clay is painted with gouache and covered with varnish. Inside the house with carved Windows, you can put a small candle and if you wish to light it.
Fill the pot to bonsai clay of any color. Suit and old clay left over from the creative works of your child. For the top layer, choose a clay that is close in color to the future the grass. For use under the faded autumn grass use clay beige. The selection of colour is necessary to the gaps in the grass caught the eye.
Strengthen the trunk of the tree in the clay mass. If the branches are directed predominantly in one direction, will strengthen the trunk in the middle, and closer to the edge, visually trimming the exhaust to the side branches and most of the vases.
Cut from delicate leather leaves. The pattern of birch leaves, oak, Linden is quite simple, it can be done independently. And it is possible a pencil to circle true leaves of a suitable size. Make them a cardboard stencil. Surround it with a ballpoint pen on the wrong side of the skin, turning the stencil in different parties. Cut sheets at the inner side of the outline to the detail are no remaining traces of the paste.
Lubricate the base of the leaves with glue and attach them to branches at various angles, not trying to uniform their placement. It is better to collect them in groups, especially at the ends of branches. More rely on your own taste and sense of balance. If it seems that the sense of balance does not have enough branches attach to the tree, additional branches.
To be sure, cut out some leaves with petioles. Glue them in the right, feeling the ground for the stalk so that the sheet was perpendicular to the branch plane.
After completing work on the tree, go to the grass. Make a few bundles of the same way you did the Astra for a bouquet. Gently push the base of the beam on the clay to get an imprint. At the pattern to push the clay end of the pencil groove, lubricate it with glue and insert a tuft of grass. In the same way glue the remaining beams.
If the tree has a round crown and is located in the center of the vase, it is easy to make a solid round patch of lawn. To do this, measure the distance from the tree trunk to the edge of the vase and leaving the Central section for the stem, roll a strip with fringe large round lawn. Remove the tree from clay. Glue the lawn and insert the tree into place.
The distance between the tufts of grass complete the finely chopped pieces of the same leather, which is made of grass. A fun addition can be a miniature mushrooms. Make a thin roll of light skin and slice from a wider roll of dark skin. Slice give a convex shape, then stick on a light foot fungus (figure 85).
Consider how to have "fallen" leaves to make their position look natural. Let one of the leaves is "accidentally fall" mushrooms, lightly covering them.
In nature the leaves in autumn are rarely painted in one color. To give the song more authenticity, lightly sprinkle the tree with spray dye. His color is the primary color of the leaves. Yellow to complement the red, green, brown, red - yellow, etc. Put the song in a box, which is used for painting the brooches with roses. Cover the vase, the grass, the trunk and main branches with cloth or soft paper. Jet dye direct horizontally. Do not get carried away - make sure the leaves are not painted entirely.
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