There is probably no more beautiful creations of nature than the flowers. All of them, from the Queen of flowers rose flowers to the most humble of plants, amazingly beautiful. We used to take flowers, only a small number of plants, but it's worth a look to those that are not included in their number. How good, for example, the huge yellow bells, pumpkins, or delicate flowers, potatoes! No wonder in those days when the potato was a plant exotic, noble ladies decorated it with white and lilac flowers on their outfits.

Flowers everywhere with us - in modest apartments and an impressive formal parlors in suburban areas and on the tiny balconies on the lawns of houses and on windowsills. Colors meet the baby on the doorstep of the hospital, flowers are gifted to the beloved, flowers escorted the man on his last journey. What else is in our lives so much space? Perhaps, it is difficult to find an opponent...

We do not have time to admire the garden and meadow flowers in our short Northern summer, part of which also hold in cities. Is it because people have learned to make artificial flowers - how fantastic and indistinguishable from the real deal? The basis for the imagination serve sometimes inconspicuous flowers of forest and meadow plants that we do not come to mind to collect the bouquets. Amaranthine flowers - decorate dresses and hats, are "ikebana", make panels.

What do artificial flowers! This fabric, and paper, and feathers, and stone, and glass -- We talk about the colors of the skin.

Bouquet. Besides the skin, for a bouquet we will need the following materials: straight or slightly curved branches of trees with a length of 40-50 cm and a diameter of 0.5-0.7 cm, as well as the dry stems of the food or Oriental poppy with heads. The stems can be dried by hanging heads downwards when they reach the maximum value. And can be purchased already dried stalks in the shops that sell dried flowers for floral arrangements.



Let's start from the very simple to manufacture flower - chamomile. White or light skin medium thickness, cut out the pattern socket (the middle) of the flower. If the bouquet is supposed some flowers, better make them of different size (figure 75, a). From yellow soft leather cut a strip thickness of about 1 cm, grease it from the inside with glue and roll up into a roll with a diameter of approximately 1 cm with a utility knife cut it into 3-4 slices, which will become the outlets of colors. Before sticking them in place, give them a convex shape, pressing a finger to the middle of the slice (figure 75 b).

Outlet make more vivid by using a small amount of semolina, painted with gouache or ink of yellow color. You can mix the paint, achieving the desired shade. Cereals dried. The middle flower is smeared with glue and sprinkled on cereal, trying not to leave spaces between the grains.

To attach the flower to the stem, cut out of thin leather stretched (i.e. one leg longer than the other) right triangle. The color of it should be close to the color of the stem. Position the triangle at the stem so that the long side was at the top of the stem. Lubricate the item with glue and starting from the short side, wrap it around the stem. With each round, carefully align the edge of the long side of the same edge in the previous round. This forms a figure similar to an inverted cone, with a flat base on top (figure 75, in). Spread the base with glue and secure to the outlet Daisy inside out. In the same way attached to the stem all the flowers with a flat base.

From the skin of medium thickness, prepare the details of the leaves (figure 75, g), two or three for each flower. Place all the leaves in the upper part, above the edge selected for the bouquet vases (figure 75, d). Part leaf handle over a candle flame, giving them a natural curve. To do this, take the part with pliers or tweezers over the place which will be attached to the stem. Bring detail to the side of the flame - then it is less zacopride. As soon as the sheet will take the shape intended, immediately take the item to the side, otherwise the skin may become deformed and have to cut a new part. If the sheet is bent more than necessary, for a second hold it close to the fire curved side detail lies flat.

Select on the stalk of attachment of the leaves. Each brush with glue and wrap the lower part of the sheet so that at the bottom of the sheet around the stalk, and its end is pointing upwards. Touch up the skin of the leaf base and lower parts of the flower in the joints with the stem. The leaves and flower will be like to sprout from the branches and stem. Ready flowers put in a vase.
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