We offer to execute it in an understated pearl gray tones from the gray skin three shades. The thin and light skin will need for making the petals darker medium thickness - for the basics, and the average between them in color and thickness for the leaves.
For large and medium roses prepare 4 large petals and 3-4 small (figure 84). For the third flower, made in a single layer, it is necessary to make only 4 small petals. From the same leather as the petals, cut three strips of 2.5-3 cm and a width of 5-6 mm. coat the strips with glue, fold in half lengthwise and twist "snail". It's of midway flowers.
Begin formation with petals. Cut the pattern parts and place separately for each flower. Before you have a petal, cut it oval edge by approximately 0.5 cm.
Fold the piece diagonally, fold in half, aligning the ends of the oval. Holding a place of a bend, put the left half of the notched ends on the right (or Vice versa) and glue them. This petal will acquire a three-dimensional shape (figure 84 b).
The basis of the hair clips perform the same as the basis for a barrette with a red rose, only a rectangular shape (figure 84, d). Emery paper RUB the place for gluing flowers and leaves.
Design start with a large flower. Glue to the base the petals of the bottom row (large), wrapping the edge of each subsequent to the previous one. Inside the resulting forms in the same place the small petals. In the center of the flower glue the spiral outlet. At the end round each petal. To this end, a sharpened match brush glue on the inside triangular folds of the petals; the tip of a knife hit the area of the petal, its rotten inside; smooth forceps the edges of the petals. Other flowers follow in a similar way (figure 84, d).
Sheets of different sizes adorn veins, opalennye over the fire (figure 84, e). Stick to the basis of the first layer, then the second. Sheets can be made out of silver leather or paint ready silver paint, silver gel pen.
Looks good barrette with silver or pearl beads. They glued instead of the spiral center of the flowers. Small beads can be placed in the form of droplets of dew on the leaves. Grey hair clip with roses
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