In addition to these common ways of fixing a known double pinning, or fastening with sheet set. It is used in the knitting of women's blouses and jackets without gum, children's frocks, pants and so on. We distinguish the following methods of curing the binder: Transverse binder. This sheet set is knit with one thread. Knit as many front rows as necessary to obtain the desired height of binder. Then on the front side of the sample only do one purl row, which prepares a binder and imparts a straight line. After binding the binder namachivajut and sew with a thin thread.

Such a binder can be done not only in the beginning but at the end of the knitting; to do this, pull the loops of the last row. These reverse loop plan binder, then knit facial loops until the desired height of binder. In the last row of the binder loops are not sealed and sewn one by one to the underside of the sample; however, they are removed one by one with spokes.

Scalloped sheet set. Very often when you pin the last row of children's clothes, the upper part of the stocking. use scalloped sheet set decorates the knitted product. This binder vymazat in the following way. Binding beginning ordinary way, and vymazat 3 or 4 front rows, and the teeth (scallops) form as follows: 1st front row: promazyvayut together the 2 front loops, then yo and so on. This is repeated throughout the series.

2nd back row - all loops, including yo, is wrong.

After these two rows again transferred to ordinary knitting facial loops. After mating it is necessary to pay serious attention to the fact that the filing was made just on the number of ubavoj; it is necessary to obtain well-formed teeth (scallops). The binder sew with a needle.

Stretched binder to gum On the needle the same number more than those which are to knit the elastic, gain half-loops required for a given sample, plus 1 loop. For example, if you need to knit 100 loops spokes № 2,5 dial 51 loop (half of a hundred, i.e. 50% plus 1) on the spokes № 3,5.

Loop gain ordinary way in one thread. Thick knitting knit 5 rows of stocking knit (the first of which is wrong) and temporarily leave them free. One of the thin spokes dial loops of the initial number. The resulting binder strip to bend, and you should pay attention to the reverse side of the product came from the inside. In this position, the two needles are located one against the other. Another thin needle, begin to knit the binder, and should pay attention to take successively one loop of the loops on a thick needle and one of the loops to thin. Knit hosiery knitting. Knitted so that's a double filing. When this method is used for the filing of the stocking, and through him, threaded the elastic.

Longitudinal binder. Such a binder is used, when it is in the finished product necessary to complete the front placket. To strap was more beautiful, the loop gain in the longitudinal direction and knit in the same way as in a transverse binder. If the bar is knit elastic, its done, not turning, so it does not become too rough. However, when knitting hosiery knitting, by achieving a certain width, with the front side vymazat purl row and knit the same again to get double Board, which on the background of knitted hosiery and more beautiful.

In total longitudinal bending is mostly for decoration, but at the same time prevent the deformation and sagging of the product.

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