Direct internal pocket. When knitting the inner pocket, on reaching the height at which it should be, on loops defined for the width of the pocket, begin to knit an elastic band "rope" or "boucle" depending on what kind needs to have the edge of the pocket. Such bake vymazat commonly up to 3 cm and finish. After that, vymazat a separate box with the same number of loops, which is applied to the place of complete loops, woven loops on both sides of the pocket and continue knitting. The box very carefully sew the sewing needle from the wrong side.

If the pocket had not been timely involved, it can get involved later; at the height where it needs to be, pull a string, which is removed loop after loop until you get the desired width of the pocket. Thus the open loop gain above and below. On the lower hinges starting gum or binding "rope". Vymazat 2 or 3 cm in order to bake pocket. Then strung from the top loop down knit hosiery knitting to knit the inside of the pocket. When you start this part, added two loops on each side. Upon reaching the desired depth of the pocket all the loops finish at the same time. The resulting piece is smooth and sew with a thin thread.

Direct internal pocket with flap.It is a kind of direct internal pocket. After vyvazhivanija pocket by the above process with the upper edge of its inner side with a knitting hook, threaded between the two loops, pull loops. These loops pick up the needle and on each side add another two loops. Detail of the turn and the valve vymazat 2 cm directly in the opposite direction of the pocket. To get the roundness of the valve on each side at the same time subtract one loop in every fifth row, and then other loops finish at the same time.

Pocket with the slope. This pocket knit first with all the front. Dawasa to the place where you want to start slant pocket, the knitting is divided into two parts. Hinge pocket from the middle of the front knit and hinges with side seam leave nepovezane. Slant pocket get, subtracting in each row of the front side of one loop to obtain the height of the pocket. So finish top of the pocket. Then loop from mid front to leave and take those who previously remained nepovezane, and side pocket for vyvazhivanija its interior, gaining as many additional loops as needed for the width of the pocket. Continue thus, until reaching a height of already knitted the top of the pocket, that is to nepovezane loops. After that, all loop gain at a knitting needle the knitting of the front continue to the top. After mating the lower part of the pocket futurepay and sew with a thin thread so that was not noticeable from the front. At the end of the slope of the string loop and knit and bake with a rubber band or "boucle", about 2 cm, after which the last row is fixed. On both sides of the binding pocket tightly sew the sewing needle.

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